life change

Why Now? Life Change is Driven by a Sense of Urgency

How do we activate a desire for life change? “Change activation” is the 5th step in my CHOICE coaching program, and it’s about taking action to make the changes that you want to see in your life. You’ve clarified your mindset, identified your core values, and overcome inner obstacles – now it’s time to move […]

Reexamine your values

How to Embrace Seasons of Transition by Reexamining Your Value System

How often do you reexamine your value system? We’ve started a blog series about our values. Last week, I wrote about why identifying your core values is key to making better choices. When our actions are in line with our values, we’ll find balance and fulfillment. Value alignment is especially important when we’re at a […]

Are you ready for Life Coaching? Life Coaching Readiness Assessment Quiz

Are you ready for Life Coaching?

Life coaching is your journey to self-awareness and new perspectives. Life coaching is desire driven and an opportunity to make the changes that you want to see. It is an opportunity to examine the obstacles and fears that get in the way of you making changes and work on integrating them into your progress forward. […]