Why Now? Life Change is Driven by a Sense of Urgency

Written by Tom Marino

August 31, 2021

life change

How do we activate a desire for life change?

“Change activation” is the 5th step in my CHOICE coaching program, and it’s about taking action to make the changes that you want to see in your life.

You’ve clarified your mindset, identified your core values, and overcome inner obstacles – now it’s time to move forward and make good on your promises to yourself.


When there is dissatisfaction, there is a desire to change

We resist change because we’re protecting ourselves from the pain and discomfort of growth. We feel safe within our comfort zones, even when we know that we’re capable of more.

If we are to push ourselves to take action and do things differently, we need to have the desire to change and grow. We are willing to do hard things when we want them enough.

And this strong desire is often activated by a feeling of dissatisfaction. In other words, you’re unsatisfied with your life as it is now. Ask yourself – am I unhappy with myself, my situation, or my job?

We feel dissatisfied when our lives are not aligned with our core values. We feel dissatisfied when we give in to fear and deny our true selves.


A sense of urgency drives life change

It’s this feeling of dissatisfaction that gives us a sense of urgency to make changes NOW, rather than putting it off.

Several years ago, I had a “successful” job that left me overworked, overwhelmed, and burnt out. As a result, I led an unhealthy lifestyle. I wasn’t present for my family.

I knew I needed to make a change, and it couldn’t wait. My situation gave me a sense of urgency that pushed me to quit my job and start taking care of myself again. This was the beginning of my journey to become a life coach.

Why now? This is one of the first questions I ask my coaching clients.

I want to know if they have the desire to change. The people who realize that they can’t possibly continue down the path they’re on are those who commit to the challenging process of growth and transformation.

We take action when we’re driven by a sense of urgency.



Plenty of us vow to make changes in our lives and never do. Think of all the abandoned New Year’s resolutions.

True life change is driven by a sense of urgency. Are you dissatisfied with the way things are? If you have a strong desire to change, then you have the motivation and willpower to commit to the process of transformation.

Ready to take action? As a Certified Life Coach, I’m here to provide accountability on your journey to change. Book my calendar for a complimentary one-on-one session to learn more about CHOICE coaching and how I can support you in pursuing your goals.


Image by Chander R | Unsplash