My Annual Review: How My Clients Succeeded This Year

Written by Tom Marino

December 22, 2021

My Annual Review

I’ve conducted an “annual review” to look back on my year and celebrate my progress as a coach, and you should do the same.

In a recent post, I shared my steps for evaluating your progress and setting strong goals for the new year. It’s important to acknowledge and celebrate how far you’ve come, because progress is motivating. Completing something like an annual review will motivate you to keep working toward your goals in the new year.

As a Coach, my goal is to adrenalize my clients and help them feel motivated, confident, and worthy. My annual review allowed me to spotlight my clients’ successes in 2021, and their success is my success. I wanted to share their “wins” not only to showcase the power of the coaching relationship but to inspire you that it’s possible to overcome burnout and find your energy and passion for life again:


1.     Find clarity in a career path.

Clients often come to me when they feel “stuck” or burnt out professionally. And this could be for any number of reasons, but that’s what we work to uncover. One of my clients decided to retire this year and began writing a book. He’s interested in building his own business. Another one of my clients expanded her team when she realized she needed more support.

Whether you’re seeking a promotion, starting a new job, or pursuing an entirely new career path, I’m here to help you overcome obstacles and find work-life harmony. The first step for my clients is often about clarifying their vision for the future.

“I found Tom after a few years of feeling like I was hopping around in my career instead of following a pathway, and we connected instantly. When we started working together I was only hoping to find clarity in my career path, but I’ve found so much more value in our collaboration. Over the past year, I have seen positive growth in my life personally, professionally, and in my relationships thanks to Tom’s exceptional guidance.” ~ Samantha B.


2.     Establish healthy relationships.

Our relationships with our friends, family, or partners can be challenging. Conflict in relationships is emotionally draining. I have worked with single clients who are pursuing romantic relationships as well as clients who are navigating dating relationships or the difficulty of divorce.

Whatever their season of life, I teach my clients to set healthy boundaries in relationships by communicating their needs and expectations.

“Tom has propelled me to take big steps in reaching my career goals, establishing healthy relationships, and overall finding happiness and fulfillment. I could not be more grateful for Tom and am excited for the many other accomplishments to come with his help and partnership!” ~ Gabby S. 

3.     Reaffirm values and purpose.

When my clients feel “stuck” or adrift, it’s often because they are out of alignment with their core values. Our values give us direction and purpose in life, but first we must know what they are. I encourage my clients to identify what’s important to them, and then learn how to make choices that are in alignment with those core values.

Only when our actions are aligned with our values do we find purpose in both our personal and professional lives.

“I was finally able to face my barriers head-on and find my way out of the tunnel. Now, I know what I want my life to look like, I know what my focus is, and I have the direction I didn’t have just a few months ago. Having this newfound direction has given my life so much meaning.” ~ Kiva W.

Conduct your own annual review.

I love to see my clients succeed. I find so much value in looking back on my year and celebrating how far my clients have come both personally and professionally.

Conduct your own annual review to celebrate your progress. Then think about the logical next steps that will bring you closer to your goals in the new year.

Are you ready to find fulfillment, clarity, and purpose? As a Certified Life Coach, I can help you overcome burnout to choose your adrenalized life. Book my calendar for a complimentary session and let’s chat about the positive changes you want to make.


Photo by Covene on Unsplash