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I assist healthcare professionals unmask their true self, identify their self needs and develop antibodies to avoid burnout and create balance.

The inspiration for my keynote and workshops stemmed from the challenges we saw healthcare workers face during the COVID Pandemic. Through my keynote and workshops, I help healthcare workers combat burnout and live life balanced and in harmony.

As a former Physician Assistant, I understand the challenges and stress that face clinicians in an ordinary time.  The rates of burnout will surely increase as a result of the pandemic.  My hope is that through my keynote and workshops on burnout, I will help healthcare professionals and others unmask their true self, identify their needs and develop the antibodies to combat the virus known as burnout. Reach out to me today to book me for your conference or organization!


Stop the Burnout, Get Emotionally Vaccinated!

In this Keynote speech, the audience will be taken on journey to conquer burnout.  They will discover how to overcome the battle between selfishness and selflessness, how to identify their true self, and address their self care needs.   I will provide the required tools to weaken Burnout and stress viruses.   The audience will learn how to create antibodies  to build stress and burnout immunity for life! The vaccine is perfected by recognizing the choices we have in creating a life of harmony.

Unmasking the True Self (Workshop)

During this innovative workshop, participants walk through the steps to uncover the most authentic version of themselves. Utilizing self-explorations tools, participants will diagnose their fears while learning how to harmonize them into positive strengths.   Key components will include understanding their core values, current beliefs and goals.

We explore ways in which our self-sabotaging behaviors interrupt progress. Through these activities, participants will enhance self-awareness and take on new perspectives in shaping their path forward living a more authentic life. With this renewed mindset, participants will be able to recognize the blocks and obstacles in their way more readily and make choices that will lead to better outcomes. This newfound freedom will open new opportunities and reduce daily stress.

Winning the ‘Self…’ Battle (Workshop)

In this powerful workshop, participants explore their selfless ways, selfishness and how to recognize the need for self-care. The prescription for implementing regular self-care as a remedy to overcoming burnout and daily struggles is written. Participants will learn practical skills to implement boundaries to ensure their needs are met.

The implementation of better boundaries and positive self language will develop the vaccine to combat burnout and stress. Through vision exercises of their future selves, participants will have the opportunity to see their future and create how they will live when they have won the ‘self…’ battle.


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