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Life Coach Tom Marino takes you on a transformational journey to sustainable life changes with a proven method for life fulfillment. His method explores the journey through change to integrate the fears and blocks that hold you back from moving forward.

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Client Endorsements

Mark Dickinson
Managing Director – Enterprise Software Solutions Austin, TX

“Tom’s method of coaching has been a LIFE CHANGING experience, both personally and professionally. Tom’s approach is a refreshing change that brings people an empowering journey to self-growth, development and self-recognition. This book RAISES THE BAR and all other coaches should take note!”

Peter Longley
DNP, RN, Hospital Service Line Finance Manager, North Haven, CT.

“Tom is an EXCELLENT coach! Tom takes a holistic approach to guiding you during the process of self-discovery. He supports and challenges you intellectually, emotionally and spiritually so that you have the confidence to live YOUR life. I wholeheartedly recommend this book and Tom as a life coach that will help you move into your next chapter of life.”

Nancy Trimble
Real Estate Investor, Tacoma, Washington

“Working with Tom has been life changing because of Tom’s positive energy, no nonsense approach, and his process. His method works and he is the perfect blend of intelligence and intuition. Tom helped me to discover I had a deeper calling and owed it to myself and my community to take a risk! Tom is not only a fantastic human, he is a brilliant Life Coach.”

Kendra Banks
Executive Business Partner, Los Angeles, California

“I had my first coaching session with Tom during a time when I felt completely disengaged from my job and doubtful of ever finding happiness in my work. 6 months later, I found myself on an incredible team doing work that changes lives, including that of my own–it’s been a dream come true! Tom helped guide me towards a new outlook on work and life, and I recommend his method to anyone looking to make a change.”

Proven Results

  • Heightened levels of Self Awareness
  • Transformative Perspectives on life and relationships
  • Successful Career Transitions
  • Life Changing Experiences that reshape you

Our Approach

Many people are seeking a change in their life to gain fulfillment. People reach out desiring to change their careers, relationships, health and emotional well being. People want to see change in their life for a better way of living.

Bridge to Change is about the process of making sustainable change in your life. The approach outlined in the book will help you discover who you are and explore the opportunities that you want to take advantage of in order to make your desired changes. The steps are clearly arranged to begin the process of change in your life.

Utilizing a proven coaching method, Tom will outline the essential steps needed to implement changes. Following the method, you will gain an enhanced self awareness and a fresh perspective. You will see the world in a positive way.

What’s In It For You? Life Fulfillment!

  • Opportunity to discover your true self
  • ​Raise your self-awareness
  • ​Ability to implement incremental change in your life
  • Gain fresh perspective
  • ​Integrated fears and blocks that allow you to move forward
  • ​How to create meaningful and tangible goals
  • Ability to live more freely
  • A path to sustainable life fulfillment