Why You Need to Be Honest About Your Current State of Mind

Written by Tom Marino

June 16, 2021

State of Mind

Is your current state of mind conducive to change and transformation?

Our blog series this month is about laying the groundwork for your journey to change. “Clarify your mindset” is the first step in my CHOICE coaching program. After all, the key to making better choices is having clarity about where you’re going and why.

Last week, I wrote about uncovering your purpose. Ok, what next?


Ask yourself, “What is my current state of mind?” 

Today, right now, how would you describe your current state of mind? It’s important to be honest with yourself about where you’re starting. How else will you determine what it’s going to take to fulfill your purpose?

Maybe you’ve recognized that you’re in a negative headspace. This is what I call the “to you” mindset, because the common refrain is, “Why does this happen TO me?” I wrote about this in a previous blog. This first step, clarifying your mindset, is all about flipping your mental switch to embrace the “for you” mindset instead. When life happens “for” you, you see opportunity even in hardship.

Are you guilty of nurturing a “to you” mindset? Are you…

  • “Open” to the world, or closed off?
  • Curious, or defensive?
  • Committed to learning, or committed to being right?

Before you can make changes in your life, you need to acknowledge that there is change to be made. This is why we start by clarifying your mindset so that you are mentally prepared to step outside your comfort zone and embrace change.


Identify your needs

Once you’re honest with yourself about where you are now, you can begin to identify your needs.

Recall your “clarifying statement”; this is your vision for the future and a declaration about how you want to live your life. What do you need to bring that vision to fulfillment?

What resources, skills, or qualifications will assist you on your journey to change? Do you need…

  • Accountability
  • Education (a degree or certification)
  • Financial stability

Let’s say that you envision a new career path for yourself. Pursuing a new career may require new skills or qualifications. What do you need to be successful?

By identifying our needs, we begin to bridge the gap between our present and future selves. Our needs inform the concrete steps we must take on our journey, our goals that act as signposts along the way.



Have you acknowledged where you’re starting and identified your needs? Your state of mind must be conducive to change.

“Clarifying your mindset” is a process of self-discovery that requires that you (1) uncover your purpose, (2) address your needs, and (3) visualize your destination. Download the Bridge to Change app to stay up-to-date with the blog and read new posts in this series as soon as they go live.

If you’re ready to find clarity and commit to a journey of self-discovery, schedule your complimentary coaching session today.



Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash