Trust in the Universe

There have been several things happening for me that could be labeled as coincidences, however, there are no coincidences. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that in some way we are all connected. It is important to pay attention to the signs that happen for us because it is the way the Universe communicates with us. For all of us to understand this, we need to TRUST. We need to trust that all things happen for a reason, all things come together or move apart for a reason. When we trust, amazing things happen. Trust is a positive vibe that is sent out that we know things will be okay, that we can rely on that person, we can count on that thing being done. I wanted to share the ‘coincidences’ that have happened for me to help you with trust in the universe or simply to have faith.

In this past season opener of the show “This is Us” on NBC, there is a song that the older version of Kate and Toby’s son Jack sings called “Memorized.” The lyrics to this song’s first verse begin with “Can one wrong turn give me new direction? Can one false move bring you one true friend? Could a stranger ever end up, being you?” In the chorus the lyrics are “I found my way back to you, I found my way back to you?” I found my way back to you… “what does this mean?”, I thought.

Then I read a story about a couple that has since gone viral. The synopsis is girl moves out of apartment, boy moves in, he contacts her to learn how to use something in the apartment. They fall in love and get engaged. Their moms meet. However, her mom finds something very familiar about the boy. She goes into the photo archives of their family trips and discovers a picture of her daughter and a little boy holding hands on a vacation they had taken when the girl was 6 years old. It was a family joke that she had met her first boyfriend who was at her side most of the trip. The mom proceeds to show the photo to her daughter, and they discover that ‘yes, the boy in the photo is her now fiancé. That’s what is meant by “I found my way back to you”.

It reminds us that one wrong turn could lead us in new direction, but it is not always about a wrong turn, it is turning point to what is meant to be. They were meant to find their way back to each other. They had been separated for about a dozen years, but that didn’t change what was meant to be. Some people call this fate, I call it allowing for universe to support us if we trust that things will happen the way they should. Have faith.

Listen to the signs that are around you. Pay attention! Things are happening for you too. If things seem tough or difficult and you find yourself asking, “why is this happening?” Have faith, turn it over to the universe and believe that this is the way it is meant to be for right now. Put out gratitude for being given this time to help you grow, change, believe. It may be a struggle and a bit painful, but it is just as Joel Osteen often says, it is a season. A season of change or growth or pain…but there is a greater plan and new season is right around the corner.  Remember this is happening for you.

If the things happening for you now are great and filled with joy, put out gratitude! Express gratitude for what you have been given. When we believe in the power of gratitude, we are trusting in the universe. And you will find your way back to where you are heading!

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