Is It Time To Quit Your Job?

Written by Tom Marino

April 14, 2021

Quit your job photo

How do you know when it’s time to quit your job?

We ask ourselves this question when we feel unhappy in our current role. Maybe you feel “stuck” or unappreciated.  You’re simply bored.

The problem is, our fear often gets in the way of making big decisions and taking action. We are afraid to make the wrong choice. It is scary to leave behind what you’re used to and step into a new job.  I hear these fears from my clients who struggle to make career transitions.

If this is you, ask yourself these 3 questions to determine if you’re ready to quit your job and move on:


Three Questions to Ask
  1. What are your values? How do your values align with those of the organization today, versus when you started? 

First, identify your values and needs to make your choice. Maybe you did this when you took the job. But it’s important to pause and reassess – just because your values aligned when you started, doesn’t mean it’s the case anymore. The company has likely changed over time. You have changed, too.

  1. What obstacles are you facing? Are you tired of the work, or feeling bored in your role? Do you have clear expectations?

It’s important to assess whether or not you’ve understood (and met!) the expectations of your role. Have you had clear communication with your boss about what’s expected of you?

When your work is no longer challenging because you know the job inside and out, you might feel unfulfilled or disillusioned. If that’s the case, ask for more responsibility before you decide to quit your job, especially if you’re bored. Have the confidence to ask for a promotion. At the very least, be sure you’ve met and exceeded expectations before moving on.

  1. Are you afraid you are being held back, that you’ll never be promoted? 

Your boss made it clear to you that a promotion isn’t in the cards, you may already have your answer. However, sometimes it’s a matter of timing. Make sure you have full confidence that you’re ready to move up. In my experience,  people take positions they thought they were ready for – only to fail in their new role because they didn’t have the tools needed to succeed. In conversation with your boss, ask for feedback about how you can improve in order to be promoted.

If you have the tools and you know you’re ready, but there are no opportunities in your current organization, then take the steps to move on. Most of us are motivated by the potential for growth – more responsibility, more autonomy, a higher salary. Feeling “stuck” in one role is often a motivator to look for new opportunities.


What To Do Next if You’re Ready to Quit Your Job

Even if you haven’t made a final decision, put your resume out there and start interviewing for new positions. Nobody at work needs to know that you’re looking, but this is a crucial step in seeing what opportunities exist.

Keeping your eyes open for new opportunities will give you evidence to refute your fears. If you feel like you’re unqualified or unworthy of a promotion, interviewing for new positions may remind you that you have exactly what it takes to succeed elsewhere.


I’ve worked with many professionals contemplating a big career change because they feel “stuck” or unappreciated and doubt their career paths as a result. But more often than not, it comes down to this: You’re not in the wrong role, but you may be in the wrong place.

The current environment may not be the right “fit” for you. Maybe it was, but not anymore. To figure it out, ask yourself:

  • Are my values still in alignment with the company?
  • Do I still want to do this job?
  • Is there potential for growth in this role?

Are you fearful about making a career transition? As an Executive and Life Coach, I help high achievers create balance and avoid burnout through the power of choice. If you’re hesitant to quit your job and move into a new role, feel free to reach out.

Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash