Everyone Serves a Purpose

Written by T. Marino

February 6, 2020

Everyone Serves a Purpose by Life Coach Tom Marino

I had posted a few weeks ago on my Instagram that I had a unexpected diversion in my morning commute due to a water main break in NYC. I mentioned in that post that I took a new subway route to work because my usual subway was impacted. This, although inconvenient, provided another route for me. I hadn’t been on the alternate route in a long time and appreciated the extra walk across town on 125th street. What I didn’t discuss in my post was what happened on the subway ride from Penn Station to 125th Street.

On the ride up on the A train, I was taking in the difference that started my day. There were many people getting on the train that, of course, was an alternate route for them too. However, one person grabbed my attention. An elderly man, dressed in shirt, tie and dress pants, got on at 42nd street. We began speaking. He was on his way to work up town as well and did not usually take this route uptown either. We were talking about the aging infrastructure of the NYC subway system and the inconvenience we were experiencing because of the water main break. He began telling me about a magnetic train that is being built between England and France and how quickly one will be able to get between the 2 countries. The point of my story is that I had never seen this man before in the 2 years I have been working back in NYC and yet we were able to have a delightful conversation.

A week later, I was on my regular subway ride and the train stopped at 42nd street to pick up and let off passengers. Who gets on the train? Yes, the man I met a week earlier. He was about 10 feet away from me, our eyes met, we gave a nod and a smile. And I thought, “Why am I meeting this man again? What purpose does he serve for me?” We didn’t have another conversation, but we exchanged a smile. It got me thinking. His purpose for me was simple. It was to get me to question it. To ponder why people come into our lives.

Everyone serves a purpose for us. Whether the purpose is simple or complex, everyone comes into our lives for some reason. Maybe you have a friend and that friendship is changing. This is a person that you may consider as a best friend. Someone who you thought was your best friend, yet something seems to be changing. You are not as close as you once were, or your finding it difficult to relate. This person suddenly seems different, yet you aren’t sure why. It’s because the purpose has changed. Maybe the purpose this person has served for you and for them is no longer the purpose moving forward. Maybe you need to move on because you are ready to grow some more, but this person is stagnant. If you decide to move forward, and leave this person behind, do it in gratitude and love.

Be grateful for the person to have been a part of your life. Continue to care for them, love them and be grateful for them. Do not see the change in a negative way, see change as a positive. For change is positive. Then express gratitude for the person that is coming into your life next to fill that void, to serve the purpose for what you need next. You may not know what that is, but that’s okay. Just as I met a new person on the train, you will meet someone to serve what you need next. Everyone serves a purpose.