The Power of Choice

Written by Tom Marino

April 11, 2021

Are you wondering what the power of choice is and how it affects your daily life? Well, you are in the right place, as this post will help you explore how real power lies in the ability to make a choice.

You face choice overload on a daily basis, and you often find ourselves contemplating what to do and what to refrain from. This ability to choose is not an easy task because what you decide may have long-lasting and irreversible consequences on your life.

The power of choice is a philosophical concept about our free-will and that every action you take is not pure or reactive instinct, it is a choice. Even when you avoid making a choice, you are still making a choice.

What is Power of Choice

According to studies, we make approximately 35,000 choices on a daily basis. However, this number can vary between each individual. Once you open your eyes as you wake up, that is the first choice you make right there.

Others include whether you snooze your alarm or not, what to wear and eat for breakfast. All these choices are a part of your human behavior on a conscious and subconscious level.

Some of the choices you make have a short-term effect, while others may have long-term outcomes. For example, whether to stay at your current job, choose your life-partner, pick a location to live, etc.

Is there a Formula

While there is no specific formula to making a choice, it is still a positive notion to remember that you always have the power to make a choice. While it will not prevent you from making mistakes, but it is better to choose for yourself.

The Power of Choice will allow you to not regret the decisions rather than letting someone else choose for you and then leaving you to face the repercussions. Right?

When we have fewer options to choose from, we tend to make a decision quicker than when we have too many options to choose from. On the other hand, when we have no choices, we either feel relieved or punished (depending on the scenario).

Therefore, the real power is to be able to make a choice. For example, you walk into a grocery store to buy snacks for a party. Now the snack aisle is full of options, ranging from organic to processed, gluten-free to fat-free, low sodium to whole grain options, so on and so forth.

How can you choose to pick just 1 item and which of its type you must buy? Presented with a myriad of choices, your mind starts to wander. The distractions begin to creep in, such as the quality of the serving, the snack pack’s nutritional value, etc.

This is where the real power lies, i.e., to overcome that overwhelming sensation of having to pick the best and make a choice.

It is Ok to Make Mistakes

Even most of us with the most extraordinary abilities tend to make poor choices and get upset by the outcomes. Have you ever done that? I am sure you did, but you must know that it is alright to make mistakes. Being a genius or talented does not exonerate you from the error of judgment when making a choice.

The world does not care how talented you are but what matters is what you do with it. If you are smart, prove it! You have that oomph of creativity, then use it to your advantage when making the right choices.

The power of choice is always with you; you only have to develop your skills and not fall for the classic trap of “the world owes me” just because you are good at something.

You simply have to shift to a growth mindset and hone the power of choice thru efforts, strategy and practice. Instead of fixating on your abilities, it is time to focus on the choices you make.

The power of choice has a redemptive quality rather than feeling like you are going to affect everything around you. The real power of choice is to decide what you want to be or do, stick to it and see things fall into place. If things do not go your way, learn from them to make a better choice next time. It is as simple as that.

The Takeaway

The power of choice is to take an active role in decision-making for your life. This may sound like a monumental task, but you must remember that you do not have to make all the choices all at once, and you do not have to make all of them right now.

This will take some time to build your choice-making muscles in order to develop the real power of choice.  I can help you push your imagination and break the shackles of self-doubts that you have been carrying with your mind for far too long.

Contact me today! And we can discuss how you can benefit from the power of choice in your personal and professional life.

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