Overcome obstacles on your path to change

How to Overcome Obstacles on Your Path to Change

How do we overcome obstacles on our journey to change?

Pursuing our goals is not always easy. Our inner blocks trip us up – our fears, self-sabotaging behaviors, insecurities. Even the assumptions we make about ourselves and others can be obstacles when they reinforce limiting beliefs.

The third step in my CHOICE coaching program is about identifying internal obstacles and creating a strategy to overcome them. After all, we need to know what’s standing in our way before we can move forward.


What it takes to overcome obstacles

The obstacles we face attempt to “protect” us from the pain of growth. We are battling our natural instinct to be comfortable, to feel safe. We don’t want to push ourselves and risk embarrassment, failure, or discomfort.

So we give in to our fear, because it’s easier.

We call them “obstacles” for a reason. It’s because they hinder our progress and require our effort to overcome them. In other words, we must do something differently than we did before.

As Albert Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

When obstacles block the path, we must make a new course of action. I challenge my coaching clients with an exercise designed to help them identify their next steps, and it is this…


Do the opposite of what your internal dialogue says to do

When fear says “no,” learn to say “yes.”

What is your fear telling you to do? Now do the exact opposite. If you have social anxiety, your fear might urge you to retreat or avoid conversations with others. Take a baby step – do the opposite by making an effort to speak with just one person. Say “hello,” or ask them about their day. Consider this a victory.

Are you fearful of sharing your ideas at work? Speak up. Hesitant to join an exercise group because you think you’ll embarrass yourself? Take the class.

How do you know what you can’t do until you’ve tried?

Playing the game of “opposites” isn’t about trying to be someone else. Rather, it’s about embracing who you truly are and refusing to let fear stand in your way.



You will face obstacles on your path to change, but you have it within yourself to overcome them.

The best way to move forward when fear or insecurity blocks your path? Do. The. Opposite.

Do you need someone to hold you accountable as you take the next step to overcome your obstacles? As a Certified Life Coach, I’m here to help you (1) identify your inner blocks, and (2) take action to overcome them. Learn more about CHOICE coaching and schedule your complimentary session today.


Photo by Stephanie Ecate | Unsplash